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Improving Patient Care with AdaptDx

Earlier, More Accurate Detection

Structural changes (the appearance of drusen) in the retina are not always easily discernible. They often become evident only after AMD has progressed from a subclinical state.

But AdaptDx® is 90% sensitive and 90% specific in identifying the earliest onset of AMD. This makes AdaptDx more accurate than current testing for glaucoma (as the accuracy of visual field is only 83%).

Being able to detect AMD with such accuracy will greatly improve your patients’ outcomes. It allows you to detect AMD at the earliest stage, at least three years before drusen are visible, when action can be taken to slow disease progression and prevent vision loss.

The primary goal of every optometrist is to maximize and preserve the vision of their patients. The AdaptDx is the best device available for the earliest detection of reduced dark adaptation of the retina, usually secondary to AMD. Early detection gives my patients the best chance for long term retention of their vision, thereby achieving their vision goals and my practice goals.

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When the Diagnosis is AMD

Once you diagnose your patient with AMD, you can determine a course of action and start monitoring the patient more frequently. Treatment recommendations for all stages of AMD include:ii

  • Recommending smoking cessation programs
  • Prescribing nutritional supplementation
  • Discussing lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise
  • Managing systemic diseases with the patient’s primary care physician
  • Prescribing blue light protection, plus UVA and UVB sunglasses for outdoor protection

Monitoring Disease Progression

Functional testing and structural examinations may be useful for monitoring disease progression. More frequent visits increase your opportunity to detect CNV before visual acuity loss. The follow-up interval may be shortened to every three or four months for patients who are progressing rapidly or are at high risk of CNV.

AdaptDx Improves Patient Care

Dr. Tammy Tully shares how AdaptDx improves care for patients with AMD.

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Testing with AdaptDx

See how your practice can use the AdaptDx to detect and monitor AMD.

Drive Practice Growth

Integrating AdaptDx testing in your practice has the potential to drive medical revenue and attract new patients.

AdaptDx Implementation

Each AdaptDx purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program™ to help you achieve your patient care and practice growth goals.