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Grow Your Practice with AdaptDx

Dark Adaptation Testing is Reimbursable

  • CPT Code 92284 for dark adaptation
  • $62.71 average national reimbursement 
  • Co-billable with OCT, fundus imaging, visual field, and office visits
  • Multiple ICD-10 codes based on medical necessity 

In the first few months of using the AdaptDx, we've more than doubled our nutraceutical sales and have seen a sizable increase in optical sales associated with UV and blue light blocking protection.

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AdaptDx Helps Detect Additional AMD Patients

By testing your patients with AdaptDx, you will most likely uncover several new cases of subclinical and early AMD. In fact, current users see as many as 30-40% of patients with night vision complaints fail the AdaptDx Rapid Test—indicating an AMD diagnosis with 90% accuracy.

Once AMD is detected, dark adaptation testing allows you to monitor disease progression at regular intervals. In turn, more frequent visits and proactive treatment often results in improved outcomes and patient compliance—along with boosting practice revenue.

Not only does AdaptDx testing increase revenue from auxiliary assessments, identifying AMD patients through dark adaptation testing elicits extra income from sales of nutraceuticals, blue light blocking lenses and protective sunglasses.

Practicing with AdaptDx

Dr. Gary Kirman shares his experience with the AdaptDx dark adaptometer and how it helped him to manage his AMD patients and increase practice revenue.

Put Our Expertise to Work

Enhance Patient Care

With a subclinical diagnosis of AMD, your patients have the chance to delay or prevent the onset of vision loss.

AdaptDx Implementation

Each AdaptDx purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program™ to help you achieve your practice growth goals.