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Meet Theia, your automated AdaptDx Pro technician

Check out Theia’s qualifications:

  • Fully automated
  • Excited to be part of your team and share her expertise
  • Agile, flexible, & portable
  • Speaks multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Italian
  • Adept at guiding patients through dark adaptation testing, including gentle prodding and providing reassurance, as necessary

Get to know Theia in this Q&A:


Tell us a little about your origin.

I’m named after the Greek Titan goddess of sight, who endowed precious metals and gems with their brilliance and value. In a similar way, I endow the AdaptDx Pro with the collective experience of technicians who have successfully coached patients through a dark adaptation test. I was created to help eye care professionals offer a consistent, reliable dark adaptation test to every patient, and I don’t mind being in the dark.


How do you partner with your human technician colleagues?

You can think of me as another member of your team. Once my human counterpart explains the test to the patient and helps them don the headset, I’m ready to go. Just tell me which language you want me to speak and adjust my volume, then I’ll guide the patient through the test and give my human coworkers a chance to get caught up on charting, review the schedule, or welcome another patient.

When the test is complete, I’ll tell the patient how to remove the AdaptDx Pro. We technicians make a cohesive, efficient team!


What is your favorite thing about testing patients?

Every patient is a little different and may need slightly different coaching. With the history of thousands of tests built into my programming, I can easily tailor my instruction to each patient’s needs. I like being a calming, encouraging voice to patients who might be nervous, and providing each patient with the best experience.


Ready to expand your team with Theia’s expertise?

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Backed by Over Five Years of Clinical Use

MacuLogix® introduced the original AdaptDx® in 2014 as the first fully automated dark adaptometer for clinical use. Since then, hundreds of practices and thousands of eye care professionals have been using dark adaptation to help diagnose and monitor AMD.


Enhance Patient Care

A diagnosis of subclinical AMD may increase the chances of delaying or preventing vision loss associated with the disease.


Drive Practice Growth

Integrating AdaptDx Pro testing in your practice has the potential to drive revenue and attract new patients.

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Implementation Expertise

Each AdaptDx Pro® purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program®️ to help you achieve your patient care and practice revenue goals.

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