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The AMD Excellence Program

We’re Here for You

Our Practice Management Consultants guide you through each step—orientation, training, workflow integration and optimization—and help you transform your practice into an AMD Center of Excellence®.


AdaptDx Headset

Your MacuLogix® Practice Management Consultant provides personalized support to get your practice started with the AdaptDx Pro. It starts with ensuring your new device is working properly and connecting to the on-board AI technician, Theia™.

Your consultant also tailors the training and integration phases of the program to maximize the value to your practice.

Staff Training

Orientation for AdaptDx

Each member of your team – doctors, technicians, schedulers, front desk, and billing personnel – receives in-person training through our AMD Excellence Program to optimize efficiencies needed for the success of your practice.

Additionally, your team has access to our AMD Academy™ which is an online learning community that has training demonstrations and a community discussion forum so technicians can improve their skills, ask questions, and share their best practice tips with others.

Workflow Integration

Adding dark adaptation testing to your patient evaluations can be done seamlessly. Assessing your current clinical workflow, your Practice Management Consultant can incorporate dark adaptation testing into your practice protocol.


We support you through the entire process. Maintaining regular contact, we help you identify opportunities to maximize the clinical and financial benefits of the AdaptDx Pro in your practice.

Thanks to the comprehensive AMD Excellence training program from MacuLogix, each staff member - from the front desk and optical to technicians and billing - understands the important role they play in AMD care.

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Drs. Pamela Lowe, Jeffrey Martin, and Doug Morrow explain how they integrated the AdaptDx® dark adaptometer into their practice workflow and how the MacuLogix helped them achieve the best results.

Contact Our Sales Team

As the AMD Experts®, our sales team is here to answer your questions about the clinical and financial benefits of the AdaptDx Pro.