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Preserve Vision Before It's Too Late

Early AMD Detection with AdaptDx

AdaptDx device beauty shot with grey background

There is no need to delay diagnosis and treatment. With the AdaptDx® test by MacuLogix®, your eye care professional can detect AMD as soon as three years earlier than any other test.

Your doctor may recommend you take the AdaptDx test, if you:

  • Are over age 50
  • Have a family history of AMD
  • Experience night vision problems

The AdaptDx measures the time it takes for your vision to adjust to the dark. This is called dark adaptation. The simple test takes only about 10 minutes. You’ll look at a computer screen in a darkened room and press a button every time you see a flashing light. Your doctor will review the results with you.

Dark Adaptation Testing with AdaptDx

Simple and non-invasive, the AdaptDx test is easy to take.

The AdaptDx was painless and easy to follow. I had to push a clicker when I would see a certain light. They told me it was a little lengthy but it didn’t seem that long.

Jeanne Jeanne P., AMD Patient

Preventing Blindness

If the AdaptDx test indicates signs of early AMD, you and your doctor have valuable time to develop a plan to delay further symptoms.

Proactive steps to delay or prevent vision loss:

  • Lifestyle changes, such as improved diet and exercise and quitting smoking
  • Eye health supplements
  • Blue light protection
  • UVA and UVB sunglasses

Your doctor will also want to monitor your vision with AdaptDx testing regularly. If needed, you’ll be able to begin additional treatment as soon as late-stage AMD is detected.


Find an AdaptDx Provider

Ask your doctor about the AdaptDx test for early AMD detection. Or search for an eye care professional using AdaptDx testing in your area.