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Discover the AdaptDx Pro at Optrafair 20/20!

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Together with Optos®, our exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom, we are excited to introduce to you the new AdaptDx Pro™.

AdaptDx Nurse Helps Patient with AMD

The AdaptDx Pro dark adaptometer combines the game-changing science of dark adaptation testing with patient comfort and convenience to help identify subclinical AMD at least 3 years before drusen are visible.


Dark adaptation with the AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia:

  • Highly accurate – 90.6% sensitive to identifying AMD cases and 90.5% specific to normal casesii
  • Subclinical detection – helps you diagnose AMD at least three years before drusen are clinically visible ii
  • Scientifically proven – backed by over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

Meet Theia

Theia, AI-driven on-board technician in the AdaptDx ProOur friendly on-board technician, Theia™, guides patients through the test. After the in-office technician selects the testing protocol and places the device on the patient’s head, Theia takes over to facilitate the testing experience by using automated instructions and adaptive feedback spoken directly to the patient.

Theia’s artificial intelligence helps ensure consistent, reliable testing results, and frees up the technician to focus on other tasks.


The AdaptDx Pro gives us the opportunity to change the future of macular degeneration care because it allows us to screen everyone at risk and identify macular degeneration earlier. The whole objective is to reduce the number of patients losing vision from macular degeneration.

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Let’s Change the Future of AMD Care, Together!

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