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Our Blog: February 4, 2021

Two Birds, One Stone

Testing dark adaptation speed for every patient over 50 allows eye care professionals prioritize both patients and practice. By Tammy Tully, OD.

two birds (yoast)
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Our Blog: September 24, 2020

Meet My Best Friend, Theia

Theia helps eye care professionals like Mary Miller, CPOT, take care of her patients – which is her favorite part as a technician at Kirman Eye.

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Our Blog: July 27, 2020

How Far We’ve Come! Advances in AMD Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management

Dr. Timothy Earley discusses how as fellow eyecare colleagues become knowledgeable about the incredible new technologies available to them, the risks of blindness caused by AMD can be considerably reduced.

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Our Blog: June 3, 2020

Managing AMD Safely Using Pandemic Protocols

Advance your practice as an AMD Center of Excellence while prioritizing health and safety for both patients and staff using these recommendations from Laura Walter, Director of Customer Service at MacuLogix.

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Our Blog: February 19, 2020

Slowing the Progression of AMD – It’s a Lifestyle Choice!

The treatment of chronic conditions like AMD is not just “one and done” but an ongoing process requiring your dedication and patient compliance.

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Our Blog: December 10, 2019

Optometry’s New Frontier: Setting An Improved Standard of Care for AMD

Understanding the effects of a disease state on both the structure and function of an organ is a concept that’s currently addressed in glaucoma management, but not AMD. By Victoria Dzurinko, OD, MBA.

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Our Blog: October 10, 2019

Patient Education: Trouble Seeing at Night is a Telltale Sign of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Anne-Marie Lahr, OD reveals how your retinal function may tell us more than we can see in a clinical exam.

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Our Blog: September 10, 2019

Patient Education: Do You Know Your ABCs…of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)?

Our Senior VP of Global Sales, Armond Dantino narrates his grandmother’s battle with AMD. He drives home the point that patients need to recognize early signs of AMD and be proactive in order to mitigate the consequences of this progressive eye disease.

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Our Blog: August 9, 2019

Have Your Cheese and Eat it Too

Dr. Amanda Lee dishes on 5 ways to embrace change and enjoy less stress and more success.

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Our Blog: July 11, 2019

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

Being passionate and wanting to provide your patients with the best possible care is the key to success, the financial benefit is just a bonus, according to our Director of Practice Management, Jennifer DelPrete.

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