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MacuLogix Establishes $25,000 Endowment for AMD Advocacy at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) at Salus University

From right to left: Dr. Victoria Dzurinko, Dr. Gary Kirman, Dr. Glenn S. Corbin, Gregory R. Jackson, PhD, Dave Miller, Dr. Melissa E. Trego, Dr. Michael H. Mittelman

Endowment honors the contributions to AMD care of PCO graduates Glenn S. Corbin, OD, and Gary Kirman, OD

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, September 29, 2021 – MacuLogix®, Inc., a company that equips eye care professionals with the devices and training needed to effectively diagnose and manage patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), has established a $25,000 MacuLogix AMD Advocacy endowed award at PCO/Salus University. This award will be presented annually to a graduating optometrist who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to managing patients with age-related macular degeneration. PCO/Salus was selected for this award to honor two of its graduates for their commitment to AMD diagnosis: Dr. Glenn Corbin of Wyomissing Optometric Center and Dr. Gary Kirman of Kirman Eye.

“PCO/Salus is proud of our alumni in bringing AdaptDx Pro® to their patients to assess AMD. We are thrilled to receive these funds to create an award for AMD advocacy and eager to share the technology with our students as they deliver patient care” said Dr. Melissa Trego, Dean of PCO.

As the first commercial customers of MacuLogix, Drs. Corbin and Kirman have been utilizing dark adaptation testing in their practices since 2014, starting with the original AdaptDx® automated dark adaptometer. In 2020, they also became the first optometrists to use the AdaptDx Pro head-mounted dark adaptometer. Based on their professional and personal commitment to elevating the standard of care for age-related macular degeneration, MacuLogix is presenting their alma mater with this endowment in their honor to encourage graduating optometrists to follow in their paths.

“The doctors and staff at Kirman Eye are so grateful to be pioneers of the AdaptDx and AdaptDx Pro technologies,” said Gary Kirman, OD, of Kirman Eye in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. “After seeing the devastating effects of AMD on several of my family and friends, finding and treating this disease has been my passion and my purpose. After performing nearly 4,000 dark adaptation tests in seven years, we are extremely confident that we are finding and treating every patient in our practice with AMD.”

“The past seven years of using dark adaptation testing in my practice has completely changed my outlook on this devastating disease,” added Glenn S. Corbin, OD, of Wyomissing Optometric Center in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. “Gary and I are both very humbled and honored to have MacuLogix provide our alma mater with this generous endowment to inspire the next generation of optometrists to focus on detecting and treating AMD with the goal of preserving their patients’ vision.”

“Glenn and Gary have been instrumental in our success by elevating the standard of care for AMD patients,” said Gregory R. Jackson, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of MacuLogix. “From day one, they have been committed to sharing their knowledge and real-world experience with MacuLogix. We are excited to honor them with this award to PCO to inspire future doctors to be as passionate about AMD care as they are.”

MacuLogix is also donating an AdaptDx Pro to the PCO clinic in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, to provide fourth-year optometry students an opportunity to utilize the latest technology before transitioning to practice. The AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia™ measures dark adaptation in a clinical setting quickly and effectively, using an objective, functional measurement called the Rod Intercept™ (RI™). Importantly, impaired dark adaptation as measured by the AdaptDx Pro is 90% specific and sensitive to AMD. As a self-contained wearable headset, the AdaptDx Pro requires no dark room or external computer.


About MacuLogix

MacuLogix, Inc. equips eye care professionals with the instrument, tools, and education needed to effectively diagnose, manage, and treat patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). By leveraging the science of dark adaptation through its AdaptDx and AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia, MacuLogix® is working to eliminate preventable blindness caused by AMD—a chronic, progressive disease that impacts over 170 million people worldwide and goes undiagnosed in 25 percent of patients. Dark adaptation functional testing technology from MacuLogix enables eye care professionals to detect, monitor, and treat AMD three years before it can be seen clinically. MacuLogix also provides each customer with in-practice training and treatment best practices to support the implementation and optimization of dark adaptation testing. Visit www.maculogix.com for additional information.


About Salus University

Salus University, founded as the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1919, today is a diversified, globally recognized professional academic center of learning that offers a wide range of degree programs in the professions of Optometry, Audiology, Physician Assistant, Blindness and Low Vision Studies, Biomedicine, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology. Salus operates four clinical facilities in Philadelphia and Montgomery counties that provide highly specialized vision, hearing and balance, speech-language pathology, and occupational therapy services. The University has more than 1,200 students, and more than 14,000 alumni worldwide. For more information, please visit www.salus.edu.



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