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MacuLogix Reaches New Milestone with One Million Dark Adaptation Tests

As more and more practices embrace dark adaptation testing, AdaptDx technology has become a staple in primary eye care.

MIDDLETOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, May 12, 2022 –MacuLogix®, Inc., the only company to equip eye care professionals with the instrument, tools and education to effectively diagnose and monitor patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), announces that more than one million dark adaptation tests have been performed using either the company’s original AdaptDx® or the head-mounted AdaptDx Pro® guided by Theia.™ Both devices use the same proprietary technology to efficiently measure dark adaptation speed, which is used by doctors to identify and monitor AMD.

“Impaired dark adaptation is the earliest biomarker of AMD,” says NOVA Southeastern University professor Dr. Julie Rodman. “Often manifested as night vision problems, this functional impairment becomes apparent years before drusen are visible. In fact, many optometrists are now testing dark adaptation for every patient over age 50 as part of their standard of care.” Impaired dark adaptation as measured by AdaptDx technology is 90% specific and sensitive to the presence of AMD.

“Assessing how well patients’ eyes can adapt from bright light to darkness gives eye care professionals the additional functional information needed to help them be more proactive in caring for patients with AMD,” adds Rosenberg School of Optometry Professor and former president of the Optometric Retina Society, Dr. Joseph J. Pizzimenti. “Whether for detecting disease or monitoring progression, optometrists increasingly have come to rely on the instrument’s Rod Intercept® (RI®) measurement. The introduction of the portable AdaptDx Pro with its built-in artificial intelligence certainly helped accelerate usage of this potentially sight-saving technology.”

“This is a proud moment for the entire team here at MacuLogix,” says Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Gregory R. Jackson, PhD, FAAO. “Over the past several years, the standard of care in AMD has risen thanks to primary eye care’s more diligent approach to preventing avoidable vision loss. Each of these one million tests is symbolic of a swift and sizable shift toward a new normal in AMD management. To think of how many lives we’ve touched with this technology is truly humbling.”


About MacuLogix

MacuLogix, Inc. equips eye care professionals with the instrument, tools and education needed to effectively manage patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). By leveraging the science of dark adaptation through its AdaptDx® and AdaptDx Pro® guided by Theia™, MacuLogix is working to eliminate preventable blindness caused by AMD—a chronic, progressive disease that impacts over 200 million people worldwide and goes undiagnosed in 25 percent of patients. Dark adaptation functional testing technology from MacuLogix enables eye care professionals to detect, monitor and treat AMD three years before it can be seen clinically. MacuLogix’s AMD Excellence Program® provides each customer with in-practice training and treatment best practices to support the implementation and optimization of dark adaptation testing. Visit www.maculogix.com for additional information.


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