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Article: May 19, 2021 | IoT Times

6 Ways IoT Tech is Changing the Medical Field

The Internet of Things (IoT) accelerates medical advancements, bringing much-appreciated improvements for patients and providers alike. Here are six ways in which IoT technology, such as the AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia, has recently benefited the medical field.

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Article: May 19, 2021 | Review of Optometric Business

A New Approach to the Old Problem of AMD

Plenty can change in the months between comprehensive exams, especially for our aging patients. Dr. Tammy Tully sleeps better at night knowing that she’s detecting AMD as early as possible to prescribe proactive treatment to help preserve their vision.

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Article: April 15, 2021 | Review of Optometry

New Options, Front to Back

It’s an exciting time to be in eye care with so many new tools available and in the development pipeline. The AdaptDx Pro is a dark adaptometer that measures dark adaptation speed. This can be used to identify AMD with 90% sensitivity.

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Article: April 3, 2021 | Review of Optometry

New Language Options Enhance AMD Screenings

Your technician can operate the AdaptDx Pro in one language while selecting a different one for the patient to experience. Tailoring patient instructions to their native language can improve communication and trust.

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Article: April 2, 2021 | EPR News

Theia, AdaptDx Pro’s On-Board AI Technician, Now Speaks Multiple Languages

Once the test starts, Theia takes over to facilitate a consistent testing experience using automated instructions and adaptive feedback spoken directly to the patient in their native language.

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Article: March 6, 2021 | Women in Optometry

“Dark Adaptation Has Always Been My Standard Of Care,” Says Pennsylvania OD

The curriculum has evolved since Dr. Drue Bahajak was a student. At the time, she says, dark adaptation was not as heavily emphasized as it is now. Today, she can’t imagine practicing any other way.

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Article: March 4, 2021 | Primary Care Optometry News

How To Get Your Staff On Board With New Technology

It is not enough for doctors to believe in what new instrumentation can do for patients. To ensure your investments pay off, your staff must be willing to embrace them.

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Article: March 2021 | Review of Optometric Business

From “Nice-to-Have” to “Must-Have”: Dark Adaptation Testing

The benefits of dark adaptation are quickly being realized in one eye care practice after another, creating a major shift in AMD management.

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Article: December 30, 2020 | Review of Optometric Business

Treatment Plan & Technology Investment Generating More than $65,000 Annually

Victoria Dzurinko, OD, MBA, FAAO, discusses the opportunity available to improve both patient outcomes and practice bottom lines by integrating dark adaptation testing in the identification and management of AMD.

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Article: December 15, 2020 | Women in Optometry

Welcome Back: Managing AMD After A Lapse In Care During a Pandemic

Many older eye care patients elected to defer their visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Dr. Amanda Legge is using educational and cutting-edge technology, like the AdaptDx Pro, to put their minds at ease.

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