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Article: August 2019 | Eye Digest

First in Canada: How I Am Working Toward Improving AMD Outcomes

“If you are committed to providing the best care to your patients, the AdaptDx technology should be in your practice. This is one of the most important advancements in AMD diagnosis and care in many years,” says Dr. Hoja in his article about bringing AMD to the forefront of eye care.

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Article: August 28, 2019 | Primary Care Optometry News

Diagnose AMD Earlier with Dark Adaptation Testing

Patients with abnormal results can be kept under closer observation, and preventive measures can be taken as Glenn Corbin, OD of Wyomissing Optometric Center discusses.

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Article: August 14, 2019 | Review of Optometric Business

Doctor and Tech Team Up to Fight AMD

Timothy Earley, OD, and Stephanie Mateosky of Medina Vision and Laser Centre, Inc., share with ROB how both their patients and practice are benefiting from AdaptDx.

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Article: August 6, 2019 | St. George News

AdaptDx Test Enables Detection of AMD in the Earliest Stages

Backed by more than 20 years of proven clinical research, the AdaptDx is an easy-to-use functional test that accurately measures dark adaptation, a key biomarker of AMD.

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Article: July 10, 2019 | ASCO

MacuLogix in Eyes on Education Newsletter by ASCO

“Early AMD intervention is possible. The answer is AdaptDx.”

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Article: June 25, 2019 | My Kawartha

Peterborough Eye Doctor Has One of Two Machines in Canada to Detect AMD Disease

With regular testing, the AMD can be detected several years before physical changes to the retina are visible, thus allowing doctors to monitor the disease’s progression and begin early treatment.

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Article: June 15, 2019 | Review of Optometry

How to Stay One Step Ahead of AMD

Optometrists can truly stay ahead of AMD if they change the way they approach it, by identifying disease risk during routine examinations and by using dark adaptation testing for early detection.

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Article: June 12, 2019 | Review of Optometric Business

The 3 Instruments that Delivered the Best ROI for My Practice

The AdaptDx enables Dr. Hammond to test patients’ dark adaption time, providing info that could indicate subclinical AMD. The practice can then start early treatment to improve patient outcomes.

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Article: May 2019 | Optometric Office

Adopting Dark Adaptation Technology

Early AMD detection isn’t just great for patients, it’s great for your practice too according to this optometry marketer.

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Article: May 1, 2019 | Optometric Management

Diagnostic Devices

Dr. Laurie Sorrenson believes AMD patients should receive education about the diagnostic instruments and testing employed in practices for two reasons. Discover them now >>

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