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Patients Want to Know

As optometrists, one of the toughest parts of the job is telling patients they have a chronic progressive disease like AMD. Fortunately, using the AdaptDx® has allowed primary eye care providers to find AMD at a subclinical stage, when proactive treatment can be most effective at slowing the progression of disease and preserving quality of vision. Patients have responded very positively, for they appreciate early detection and quality care. Professionally, it provides optometrists peace of mind and confidence that, by detecting and monitoring AMD, they are providing the best possible care for their patients.

Kerry K

I didn’t fare so well when I took my first AdaptDx test and it made me think: What do I need to do to not let this macular degeneration go any further? My doctor suggested healthy eating and dieting, along with more frequent monitoring of my vision. So that’s what I plan on doing. I’m going to be more alert about my food choices and portions. Being a diabetic, I watch my carbs closely and I pay attention to the results of my blood work. I also keep close tabs on my cholesterol. I’m happy to know that there are things that I can do – exercise, diet, take my nutrients – to hopefully slow the progression of my AMD. I need to do all that I can to keep my vision.

Geraldine A

My problems started when I noticed I was having trouble seeing small print. If the light was really bright, I could typically make out the words; but I struggled to see small print in a dim room. I went to see my optometrist and she told me about this new machine that she had in her office that helps her detect macular degeneration (an AdaptDx). After performing the test, she told me that I have early stages of the disease.

She recommended a vitamin that is specifically for eye health which I’m now taking. I’m grateful that my doctor is taking proactive measures for me and all of her patients. Not only does she offer this test, but she was willing to have an honest conversation with me which allowed me to take charge of my health.

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