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Early detection and treatment of AMD can help you combat the leading cause of adult blindness in the US and do the right thing for your patients and your practice. Here’s how:

1. Put Patient Care First

While you’ve been forced to take a break from caring for your patients. Eye disease has not taken that same break. Accept the challenge to tackle AMD, one of Eye Care’s biggest opportunities to impact patient’s lives.

2. Create Efficiency & Focus on Hygiene

As you adjust to new norms, there is an increased focus on efficiency & hygiene. The AdaptDx Pro is guided by Theia, an onboard technician who delivers a consistent, reliable test for every patient, freeing up your techs to attend to other tasks. Our single-use Comfort Guard™ eyecup covers provide a comfortable, hygienic test experience for each patient.

3. Drive Medical Revenue

Patient discretionary spending will most likely be reduced for months, making medical revenue more vital than ever. Dark Adaptation testing is a reimbursable service, using CPT 92284, that can dramatically increase revenue for your practice.

4. Create Revenue from Current Patients

The AdaptDx Pro leverages patients already in the practice, allowing you to generate revenue as quickly and easy as possible, without the need to market and acquire new ones.

5. Increase Cash Reserves

Eye care professionals are dealing with reduced cash flow making it difficult to invest in new technology. Our new subscription model allows you to start earning revenue with no up-front investment.

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Implementation Expertise

Each AdaptDx Pro purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program®️ to help you achieve your patient care and practice revenue goals.

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As the AMD Experts®, our sales team is here to answer your questions about the clinical and financial benefits of the AdaptDx Pro.