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Q&A Webinar Recording

Diagnosing and Treating Early AMD at Your Practice

Monday 6/9 from 7:00-8:00 PM EST, moderated by Vicki Dzurinko, OD, MBA, FAAO

Panel Members: Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO; Pamela Lowe, OD, FAAO, Dipl. ABO; Allan Hudson, OD

Advances in earlier diagnosis for AMD has made it possible for Primary Eye Care professionals to own AMD diagnosis and management. However, since this information is so new, it’s been difficult for clinicians to keep up with the science and understand how patients can benefit.

Watch this recording of our panel of experts who are leading the charge in AMD care as they answer questions and share practical knowledge for how they’ve successfully integrated AMD management into their medically oriented practices.

Contact us with your questions about how to integrate AMD management into your practice.