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AMD Patient Conversations

Sometimes, in our quest to be kind to recently diagnosed AMD patients, we say too little. We don’t want to scare, overwhelm, or make them feel like this diagnosis is too dire. To find out what patients want from you and to improve the conversations you are having with AMD patients, download a copy of our new e-book, AMD Patient Conversations.

Practical Implementation of Dark Adaptation in Optometric Practice

Going beyond explaining why dark adaptation is so important in optometric practice. Having already established the reasons why functional testing is essential, this year’s report outlines the practical strategies for how to make routine testing a reality in your own eye care practice.

Practical Opportunities in AMD Management

Enlightening, expert knowledge reveals opportunities in AMD management including proactive disease response, understanding supplement research, and implementing dark adaptation testing.

Practical Strategies for Preventing Blindness Caused by AMD

A valuable resource with information on a variety of AMD-related topics such as nutrition, implementation of AMD screening protocols, advice for new AdaptDx® users, and much more.

Practical Perspectives on the Diagnosis and Management of AMD

A practical guide with the latest recommendations on early detection and treatment options for AMD.

Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of AMD

Comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines include the latest information on AMD classification, diagnosis, staging, and treatment.

Clinical Insights on AMD

Optometrists at the forefront of this disease discuss early detection and preventive care. Moderator: Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO Panelists: Anthony Clark, OD; Steven Ferrucci, OD, FAAO; and Diana Shechtman, OD, FAAO

12 Ways to Turn an AMD Diagnosis into News That's Worth Celebrating

A guide for eye care professionals treating patients with AMD.


Eye care professionals demonstrate how the AdaptDx benefits their practices, while patients explain how an AMD diagnosis with the device changed their lives.


Compelling research proves the AdaptDx reveals the earliest signs of AMD.


MacuLogix clinical advisers demonstrate how AdaptDx devices can offer hope for improved patient outcomes.

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Implementation Expertise

Each AdaptDx Pro® purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program®️ to help you achieve your patient care and practice revenue goals.

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As the AMD Experts®, our sales team is here to answer your questions about the clinical and financial benefits of the AdaptDx Pro.