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Practice Materials & Resources

Clinical Materials

Risk and Symptom Assessment Form

It isn’t always easy to identify patients who should be tested for AMD, but you can ensure that all symptoms and risk factors are evaluated in a consistent manner with our Risk and Symptom Assessment Form. This form helps patients identify their risk of developing AMD, allowing your staff to better determine who should be tested with the AdaptDx®.

Treatment Plan

One of the best ways to ensure patient compliance is to provide them with a physical reminder. This Treatment Planning Form is a quick and effective way for you to document treatment and lifestyle change recommendations for your patients to take home with them.

Patient Education Materials

We provide PDF downloads of brochures, rack cards, and posters for your office to help educate your patients and drive interest in dark adaptation testing to help with subclinical AMD detection.


Your waiting room is a great place to make patients aware of eye conditions and services that you provide. Our poster on AMD testing is a great way to capture attention and generate awareness for age-related macular degeneration. This 2’x3′ poster is a great addition to your waiting or exam room.

Rack Card

Rack cards are excellent educational materials for your waiting room, offering a succinct and comprehensive overview of AMD testing with the AdaptDx. They can be easily displayed at your practice’s front desk as a quick on-the-go resource for your patients.


Our brochure plays an important role in educating your patients and their loved ones about AMD and the actions they can take to get an early diagnosis that can help slow disease progression. The brochure comes with a blank space on the back where you can add your name, logo, and contact information. Display these around your office and hand them to patients who may have questions about AMD.


Eye care professionals demonstrate how the AdaptDx benefits their practices.


Evidence-based guides include the latest information on AMD classification, diagnosis, staging and treatment.


Compelling research proves AdaptDx reveals the earliest signs of AMD.

The marketing package MacuLogix provides to their customers is the best I have seen with any equipment company!

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Each AdaptDx Pro® purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program®️ to help you achieve your patient care and practice revenue goals.

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As the AMD Experts®, our sales team is here to answer your questions about the clinical and financial benefits of the AdaptDx Pro.