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AdaptDx Improves Care for Patients with AMD

Tammy Tully, OD

Dr. Tully shares how AdaptDx® improves care for patients with age-related macular degeneration.

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Dr. Tully: We made the decision to purchase an AdaptDx mainly because we felt that it can do wonders for our patients.

Difficulty driving or seeing at night is a hallmark sign of AMD

One of the biggest things that we hear in our patient population is difficulty driving at night and once I knew that was a hallmark sign I just felt like that, you know, we really needed to bring it into practice and I was a bit fearful the first time a patient failed AdaptDx screening because I had to go and say this, “You failed.” and that’s never a good thing. What I was surprised about is the patient’s reaction to the news that I was telling them. They’re like, “I knew something was wrong with me so I’m not crazy.” It sort of validated their complaints to me when they wrap their mind around living the line that’s when they get very motivated to do what they need to do.

AdaptDx allows doctors and patients to be proactive in managing the disease

Monya Sherman: I feel like our patients are more compliant after they’ve completed the AdaptDx and they’re more apt to check in the M for grid and taking the MacuHealth or the AREDS in order to maintain their vision.

Dr. Tully: It can help us identify these patients early on and it can help us be proactive in managing these cases, working with their primary care physicians, working with the Dietetics people, working with nutriceuticals, and working with their follow-up care to prevent them from ever losing any sight to macular degeneration.