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AdaptDx Pro: Empowering Techs as AMD Champions

This breakthrough device helps eye care technicians truly become AMD care champions. It features an intuitive user interface for quick training, an LCD screen to display clear instructions, an automated, onboard technician named Theia™, device portability and comfort, and much more! With AdaptDx Pro®, it’s never been easier for techs to make a difference in patient care.

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AdaptDx Pro: empowering techs to take the lead on dark adaptation testing

The AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia makes it easy for eye care technicians to take the lead on managing practice workflow and patient engagement. From talking with patients about the importance of dark adaptation testing to tracking results, it’s also a way for technicians to feel empowered as a AMD patient care champions.

This portable device has an intuitive user interface that makes training quick and easy. The interactive LCD screen displays clear instructions on how to start the test for the patient. The AdaptDx Pro is so user-friendly and that’s so important because there are so many technicians out there that have different levels of experience.

Theia uses artificial intelligence to guide patients through the test

The most exciting feature of the AdaptDx Pro is the onboard technician named Theia. She uses artificial intelligence technology to guide each patient through the test with a friendly gentle voice. “Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Theia and I will be guiding you through today’s test.” Theia even recognizes when a patient misses a cue or gets distracted. She adapts her instructions to encourage the patient to get back on course. “I noticed you did not press the response button. Let’s try again.” Her voice, her tone was very reassuring which I think will make the experience that more comforting to the patient. In a busy practice every moment counts. While Theia is coaching patients the display screen shows a progress bar so technicians can monitor patients with just a quick glance.

Techs are ecstatic about the AdaptDx Pro and Theia

Technicians will have extra time to spend on other high-value tasks. We’ll free up our time by being able to bring other patients back, do any special charting that needs to be done, and get the next patients ready for clinic. With light sealing eye cups, creating a personal darkroom, dark adaptation testing can be done in any room in any light so technicians can bring the device directly to the patient. When I talked to our technicians in our practice about the AdaptDx Pro, they were ecstatic about the portability of it and the time-saving aspect of it. They are thrilled. Once the test is complete, techs can read the result right from the screen. The result is a single number; the Rod Intercept (or RI).

That makes it simple for techs to record and track over time. With AdaptDx Pro, it’s never been easier for eye care technicians to make a difference in patient care. To discover how the AdaptDx Pro can elevate the role of technicians in your practice, contact the AMD Experts at MacuLogix.