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Helping You Identify More AMD Patients with AdaptDx Pro

Gary Kirman, OD

Dr. Gary Kirman of Kirman Eye has one goal in mind: to preserve his patients’ vision for a lifetime.

He achieves this objective when it comes to AMD patients by using the AdaptDx® and AdaptDx Pro® to detect subclinical cases of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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In 2014 when we introduced AdaptDx, we identified so many more patients that actually had the defining marker of AMD and our outcomes, over a five and a half year period of time, have been tremendous in patients being able to keep their vision. We know, in our office, we still had many patients kind of falling through the cracks and not coming back for testing. So our current set up in our office – we do have a diagnostic room that is dedicated to our AdaptDx, but also our OCT and our visual field and our quantifying testing. We have three-month backlog just on patients we need to have that test because of physical limitations. So the AdaptDx Pro just takes that barrier away. Those patients desiring testing that day will be able to have it.

AdaptDx Pro can increase the number of tests conducted per month

I’m so excited about the AdaptDx Pro. That’s what I’ve been waiting for! I anticipate delivering three to four times the number of tests per month and just statistically, out of those tests that are delivered, we’re going to find patients that have AMD. This past year we collected our numbers in regard to the number of AMD patients that we identified and out of that number there was a significant percentage that had we not had the AdaptDx to identify them, would have been untreated because they had no macular findings and no vision loss. And so out of 300 patients we would have had a hundred and sixteen that would have been unidentified and that just is not acceptable in my mind.

Preserve vision and provide vision for a lifetime

Our goal as optometrists is to preserve vision and to provide vision for a lifetime for patients and so the thought of missing a disease that is the leading cause of blindness really weighed heavy on my heart and so to be able to identify those patients and treat them whether they’re your postman, your parishioner [pastor], your neighbor, a relative – it’s just a tremendous feeling to be able to do that. The AdaptDx Pro is gonna be a game-changer when it comes to the future of AMD care. Just an identification – being able to identify more patients with subclinical AMD those patients that you would have never referred to a retinal specialist for a consultation.

Lifestyle changes coupled with early detection

Those patients that you would have never had that discussion about to stop smoking, to go ahead and start nutraceuticals, to have a consultation with a family doctor about blood sugar blood pressure and cholesterol, all of those results from a positive RI and AMD diagnosis using the AdaptDx Pro. And it’s just going to skyrocket. There’s numbers and essentially affect millions of patients around the globe. I can’t unknow what I know and I would consider, in my case, it unethical to practice without the AdaptDx because I knew I would be missing patients with a potential blinding condition.