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AdaptDx Pro: Improving Dark Adaptation Testing for Patients

Ryan Powell, OD

With the AdaptDx Pro®, Dr. Ryan Powell and his staff at Insight Eyecare Specialties, Inc. are confident in their ability to provide convenient and comfortable dark adaptation testing for their patients. This portable device allows technicians to conduct testing inside or outside of exam rooms, depending on what is convenient for patients.

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Dr. Ryan Powell: My favorite thing about the AdaptDx Pro is the portability. We can now test all of our patients that are at risk for macular degeneration in our exam rooms or even outside of our exam rooms because the device allows us to do the testing where it’s most convenient for us.

Seajay Moyer: I’m also very shocked at how light it is because we do work with a lot of elderly patients so concerns about neck problems, back problems, but it’s surprisingly very light.

Charles Welborn: The AdaptDx Pro that you wear is so much easier because you don’t have to put your chin on the device. This is far more comfortable – I can actually lean back. I can relax.

Margie Zimmerman: The AdaptDx Pro is very comfortable. It’s basically like putting a baseball cap on your head. Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Theia and I will be guiding you through today’s test. Theia has a very soothing voice and tells you what to do so it’s a very calming procedure.

Dr. Ryan Powell: Theia is the voice that is giving the instructions with the AdaptDx Pro. What Theia does that’s fantastic is offers consistency in the instructions and provides them in a very comfortable voice and tone and message that really makes it work really well. She seems so real.

Seajay Moyer: Having Theia deliver the test will be such a relief because I work at a very busy practice and while I like spending time with patients, being in a dark room for a long period of time can hinder a lot of my other duties.

Dr. Ryan Powell: Our techs will be freed up to do other things. As an example, they may be looking through the next patient’s chart that they’re gonna be seeing, they may be pulling some records that they need, they might be checking on another patient in another room – all of those things are great time-saving things that they can do instead of sitting in a dark room administering the test.

Seajay Moyer: The AdaptDx Pro is so user-friendly and that’s so important because there are so many technicians out there that have different levels of experience and so to have something that’s so user-friendly makes it much more easy to integrate it into the clinical experience. Wow! *laughter*

Dr. Ryan Powell: The AdaptDx Pro gives us the opportunity to change the future of macular degeneration care because it gives us the opportunity to screen everyone and identify macular degeneration earlier and the whole objective here is to reduce patients losing vision from macular degeneration. If we can do anything to improve their quality-adjusted life years down the road we now have the tools to do that.