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AdaptDx Pro: Improving Dark Adaptation Testing for Patients

With the AdaptDx Pro™, Dr. Ryan Powell and his staff at Insight Eyecare Specialties, Inc. are confident in their ability to provide convenient and comfortable dark adaptation testing for their patients. This portable device allows technicians to conduct testing inside or outside of exam rooms, depending on what is convenient for patients. The lightweight frame of the device fits easily to patients’ heads and is great for elderly users or those with neck/back problems. In fact, patients can even lean back and relax during testing if they want! The AdaptDx Pro features an automated, onboard technician, Theia™, who guides patients through the test and provides soothing and clear instructions. This user-friendly component ensures reliable and consistent test results every time. Patients never need to worry about doing something incorrectly because Theia is there to get them back on track.

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