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AdaptDx Pro: Run Dark Adaptation Tests Any Place, Any Time

Jeffry Gerson, OD

“The AdaptDx Pro makes dark adaptation testing so much easier. We can run a test anytime, anywhere.” Dr. Jeffry Gerson and his staff at Grin Eye Care discuss how the AdaptDx Pro® is changing how their eye care practice operates by allowing technicians to be more efficient multi-taskers.

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Jeffry Gerson, OD: The AdaptDx Pro is a great improvement over the AdaptDx and it’s something that will make testing dark adaptation so much easier. Now, instead of having to go into a darkroom and use a specific room, we can run the test anywhere, anytime.

David Sasser: The AdaptDx Pro is unique because it does fit right on your head. I really found the headset was very comfortable.

Gail Weinburg: With the new headset version of the test, there is a voice and her name is Theia. Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Theia and I will be guiding you through today’s test. And I found that particularly calming, easy to understand, making the process much more interesting and it was easier to focus with her voice.

David Sasser: Theia was talking to me the entire time and letting me know what was going to happen.

Jeffry Gerson, OD: Theia’s great because really what Theia does is it takes away a lot of the objections or burden of having techs do this test. And it just makes it so much easier, so much more efficient, and so much more consistent so you know you’re getting the same testing done every single time.

Shelby Shopher: The AdaptDx Pro was very easy to learn. It was very self-explanatory. I didn’t have a hard time with it from the moment I turned it on.

Jeffry Gerson, OD: What both Theia and the AdaptDx Pro allow our technicians to be able to do is to be in the room with the patient if they want to but doing something else; they can be on their digital devices, charting for that patient, or preparing for the next patient. Or they could potentially leave the room because Theia stays with the patient and runs the test.

Shelby Shopher: With the freed up time I will be able to send prescriptions, answer technicians’ phone calls, tend to the patients more often.

Jeffry Gerson, OD: I think that the AdaptDx Pro will change the future of care for AMD patients. I think the biggest way it will do this is just by finding more. As we’re able to find more patients, we’re able to educate and treat more patients and help them to prevent vision loss.