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AdaptDx Pro: Run Dark Adaptation Tests Any Place, Any Time

“The AdaptDx Pro makes dark adaptation testing so much easier. We can run a test anytime, anywhere.”

Dr. Jeffry Gerson and his staff at Grin Eye Care discuss how the AdaptDx Pro™ is changing how their eye care practice operates by allowing technicians to be more efficient multi-taskers. With the help of the device’s automated, onboard technician, Theia™, the staff of Grin Eye Care find the burden of running dark adaptation tests has been lifted by this innovative solution. Theia can run the test while technicians have the option to remain in the room to work on other tasks or even leave to attend to other patients. Patients find the headset to be comfortable and they praise Theia’s coaching for being calming and easy-to-understand while helping them stay focused on the test.

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