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AdaptDx Pro: Upping Your Eye Care Technician's Game

Claudio Lagunas, OD

Dr. Claudio Lagunas and his staff of Lifetime Eyecare Associates are enthusiastic about the AdaptDx Pro® for its ability to optimize technician’s productivity. Technicians will love that the device’s automated, onboard technician, Theia™, is able to take over to administer dark adaptation testing while they have time to focus on higher-level tasks throughout their day.

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My favorite thing about the AdaptDx Pro is the ability to test more and more patients with this technology and without needing a separate room. It’s amazing that it’s portable because we don’t have to wait on a room or wait for one patient to come out of the tabletop so we can start another one. They can sit where they need to be and take the test. The AdaptDx Pro is so completely different from the original machine – it is like night and day.

No need for a dedicated dark room with the AdaptDx Pro!

You don’t have to go into a darkroom. Even though you’re wearing the headset and you feel the weight on you, it is so much more comfortable to take that test than having to press your head into the machine. This system that you’re using has a voice guiding you on the procedure and gives you some examples and gives you some tests before the actual test. I feel very comfortable. Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Theia and I will be guiding you through today’s test. I love that Theia is consistent with what she says to the patient – it’s clear and it’s easy to use for the patients and easy to understand. Theia definitely was reacting to me and I noticed that my eyes strayed away from the red light and so did she and she told me so. It was nice too because you focus. I feel like if the technician has to walk away while you’re taking the test with the AdaptDx Pro, there will be no sense of uncomfortableness being left alone because Theia is there guiding you through the test. The great thing about the AdaptDx Pro and Theia is that she gets to take over and tell the patient exactly what to do while I can do higher-level tasks like charting.

The AdaptDx Pro addresses implementation challenges

The AdaptDx Pro, I think, will be much easier for any practitioner to actually incorporate into their practice compared to the older technology. A lot of the hurdles and the reasons why most of our practitioners were not implementing this technology was because of space or workflow or technician or all these other challenges. AdaptDx Pro really hits on all those.