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What To Expect During the AdaptDx Pro Test

Patient video describing the AdaptDx Pro test

Patient education video explaining the AdaptDx Pro® test and what to expect.

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AdaptDx Pro rapid test is less than 10 minutes and has low-patient burden

We’re going to use the AdaptDx Pro to test how your vision adjusts from bright light to darkness. The results provide your doctor with valuable information about your eyes. During the test, you’ll hold this controller and press the button as instructed by Theia – the built-in technician – who will guide you through the test.

After you adjust the device for your comfort, I’ll hand you the controller. Then, Theia will take things from there. Let’s take a quick tutorial so you know exactly what to expect. Please open your eyes and look up at the red light. You should notice a brighter flash of light to simulate daylight. While remaining focused on the red light please press the response button when you see additional, smaller flashes of light.

The spots of light may become very dim. Press your button if you think you may have seen one. Great job! You can close your eyes and relax. Your technician will be with you shortly. That was easy, wasn’t it? I’ll make sure the doctor gets your results so you can discuss them together.