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AdaptDx Technology Changes AMD Outcomes

Aaron Werner, OD

Looking back at technology used by his predecessors, Aaron Werner, OD of Werner Optometry believes current equipment, like the AdaptDx®, is critical to his eye care practice’s success. The functional testing available with AdaptDx allows him to accurately detect AMD at a subclinical stage at least 3 years before drusen are visible – which dramatically improves AMD patient outcomes.

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We couldn’t practice effectively without today’s technology, including the AdaptDx

So I’m the the latest in a long chain of optometrists. I’m 5th generation and we’ll see if it continues with my children. It’s fun to look back at dad and grandpa and great grandpa’s equipment and what they used. Quite frankly, I don’t think I could practice without the technology that I have today, including the AdaptDx, so when I look at buying equipment it certainly has to check off a couple of boxes.

Technologies change the way we look at different diseases

The AdaptDx checks off all three of those boxes. It gives us information we did not have, plain and simple. It’s definitely good for the patient because if we can diagnose AMD earlier we can treat AMD earlier. It’s our job! It makes wonderful financial sense for the practice. We’re reimbursed very well. We don’t know what we don’t know. For the longest time with macular degeneration, we had different screeners and different questionnaires and. you know. that we’re good at giving a risk factor score. But very subjective. We want to be able to give them an accurate – I want to be comfortable in – diagnosis I’m giving them. And so I think we struggled with, ‘When do I tell a patient that they have macular degeneration?’ We’ve given them a life sentence. You can’t pull that back and technology changes the way that I’ve looked at glaucoma. Technologies change the way we’ve looked at lots of different diseases and it’s AMD turn. The science has been there, it just was never in a pretty little box that I could have an office and use in an official way. Now I do.