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AdaptDx - The Tool to Have in Your AMD Practice

Gary Kirman, OD

Dr. Gary Kirman describes the AdaptDx® dark adaptometer as the one tool he uses to conclusively diagnose age-related macular degeneration.

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AdaptDx is specific to subclinical or various stage AMD detection 

A significant point that I’d like to communicate to you is that the AdaptDx is a diagnostic tool and provides the diagnosis of subclinical or various stage and when you compare that to our diagnosis of glaucoma for a patient the AdaptDx is like having a tonometer, OCT, or HRT, visual field, and pachymeter all wrapped into one. We need all of those devices to come to a conclusive diagnosis of glaucoma and that may be over a period of time whereas the AdaptDx is specific to the diagnosis of subclinical or various stage AMD immediately upon completing the test.