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AdaptDx empowers you to prevent blindness caused by AMD

AdaptDx® dark adaptometer empowers optometrists and ophthalmologists to enhance diagnostic capabilities, improve patient outcomes, and build practice revenue. It allows you to detect AMD at subclinical stage and manage this chronic progressive disease to prevent unnecessary vision loss.

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Often AMD is caught too late

Are you catching Age-related Macular Degeneration before it’s too late? Most eye care professionals aren’t. At least not yet. In fact, research shows that ophthalmologists and optometrists alike are missing at least 25% of AMD cases and 78 percent of patients with AMD are first diagnosed having already experienced significant irreversible vision loss in one eye. Fortunately, your patients don’t need to be part of these statistics.

Impaired Dark Adaptation can detect the disease early

Research has shed light on an early biomarker of AMD that makes it easy to diagnose the disease in its earliest stages. Impaired Dark Adaptation offers the first chance to use functional testing to diagnose AMD even at a subclinical level. This gives you the best chance to work with your patients to delay or even prevent the onset of vision loss. AdaptDx, created by MacuLogix, is a functional test of Dark Adaptation, allowing you to detect AMD as early as three years before drusen are visible with imaging or clinical exams. Just consider how many of your patients over 50 mention night vision problems such as difficulty driving or seeing at night. The AdaptDx can quickly and accurately measure the number of minutes it takes for these patients to adapt from bright light to darkness. The test delivers a single number: the Rod Intercept or RI. This easy to interpret result enables you to diagnose AMD with 90% sensitivity and specificity.

Our AMD Excellence Program arms you with knowledge

Armed with this knowledge you can advise patients on common-sense strategies to slow the progression of disease. Not only can AdaptDx improve patient care, it can dramatically increase practice revenue. Dark Adaptation testing has an average reimbursement rate of $58.83 (2022) for both initial screening as well as ongoing monitoring. Once you diagnose a patient with AMD you’ll schedule more frequent exams to monitor disease progression with functional and structural testing. Plus you’ll see nutraceutical and optical sales increase as patients invest in preventive treatment. Adding any new testing device to your practice requires planning. This is why every AdaptDx customer receives individualized support through our AMD Excellence Program. Our practice management consultants guide you through each step: installation, training, workflow integration, and optimization.


This program ensures that you maximize both the clinical and financial benefits of the device. AdaptDx empowers you to enhance diagnostic capabilities, improve patient outcomes, and build practice revenue. Contact the AMD Experts at MacuLogix to discuss how AdaptDx can benefit your eye care practice.