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AMD Warning Signs

Patient video explaining the first signs of AMD

Patient education video explaining that night vision problems are the first warning sign of early stages of age-related macular degeneration and should be tested using the AdaptDx Pro® dark adaptometer.

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What if this was your eyesight?

Nearly 1 in 8 over 60 have AMD vision problems

Nearly 1 in 8 adults over age 60 could experience the world around them this way due to age-related macular degeneration or AMD. AMD causes your central field of vision to deteriorate over time. This impacts everyday tasks like driving and recognizing the faces of your friends and family. It can eventually lead to blindness. Simply being 50 or older puts you at risk. Family history, race, and health conditions also contribute. The earliest warning sign of AMD is trouble seeing at night. Many people dismiss night vision problems as part of the normal aging process and never mention it to their doctor. Don’t make that mistake. As soon as you notice trouble seeing or driving at night tell your eye care professional so they can decide if dark adaptation testing with the AdaptDx Pro is right for you. Dark adaptation is the ability to adjust from seeing in the light to seeing in the dark.

Dark Adaptation can alert doctors to early disease signs

A decline in dark adaptation ability can alert your doctor to early signs of disease. In fact, it can give you a 3 year head start so you and your doctor can take proactive measures to delay or even prevent the onset of late-stage AMD and vision loss. Preventive steps include lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, and protective eyewear. Your doctor will also monitor your vision with regular AdaptDx Pro tests to determine if additional treatments are necessary. Early detection of AMD gives you valuable time. Time to see the road ahead. Time to see your loved ones. Time to see clearly. Learn more about AMD testing and preserving vision with AdaptDx Pro. Visit MacuLogix.com