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Change the Future of Eye Care with AdaptDx Pro

Our new AdaptDx Pro® combines the game-changing science of dark adaptation testing with patient comfort and convenience. Discover how high-tech innovation intersects with high-touch patient care to deliver a revolutionary new way to test patients. 

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Are you ready to change the future of your practice and improve outcomes for your patients with AMD? Then meet the AdaptDx Pro from MacuLogix. Built from the ground up, this custom-designed headset will revolutionize the way you detect and manage age-related macular degeneration. With advanced technology and built-in artificial intelligence, this state-of-the-art medical device accurately and efficiently measures dark adaptation function – the earliest biomarker for AMD. Every single one of the 172 custom parts were designed to capture accurate results while improving patient comfort.

The AdaptDx Pro features an onboard technician named Theia

The AdaptDx Pro features artificial intelligence in an onboard technician named Theia. Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Theia and I will be guiding you through today’s test. Theia reduces the burden on your technicians and delivers a consistent accurate testing experience. 

Other great features of the AdaptDx Pro

Advanced precision technology automatically aligns with the eye and tracks the pupil in real-time to capture an accurate measurement of dark adaptation function. Light-sealing eye cups eliminate the need for a dedicated darkroom so patients can take the test in any light.

A padded liner and adjustable strap were designed for patient comfort. The headset is easy to put on and take off but remains stable as the patient moves, and an interactive LCD screen displays simple and clear instructions for the technician, making it easy to start the test and monitor progress. The standalone device operates without the need for an external computer. AdaptDx Pro with Theia helps you identify and monitor AMD patients with confidence and ease. Now, high-tech innovation meets high-touch patient care.

We invite you to change the future with AdaptDx Pro.