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Detecting AMD Early and Often

Claudio Lagunas, OD

Dr. Claudio Lagunas explains how dark adaptation testing positively impacts so many facets of his eye care practice including improved patient outcomes, increased revenue, and boosted confidence in AMD diagnosis.

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AdaptDx is great for the bottom line and for patients

If you’re considering AdaptDx for any practice, I think it’s a no-brainer I think the ROI is amazing…but bottom line, it’s better care for your patients, picking up diseases early and often and it just makes good sense. It’s good science, it’s good medicine, and that’s why we are in the profession we’re in, so I think it’s the right thing to do. But we currently diagnose AMD now after having the AdaptDx by really looking at the functional testing of the patient. Previously we would wait until drusen was visible and now looking at the science behind that, we know that that’s not really the best outcome for our patients because patients were actually losing too much vision before we captured it – if we captured it at all. So I can tell you that the level of care has increased and it just makes it so much easier to find those patients sooner.

Patients appreciate early AMD detection

Once we find the disease early patients have been very appreciative and thankful. You know, some of these patients obviously had no idea that the disease was there but having time on our side, you can’t put a dollar value on that. Patients knowing that they have more time to treat something before it actually becomes a big issue, it’s just priceless.

Revenue streams open up with AdaptDx implementation

The AdaptDx testing has had a huge impact on revenue, and I think that’s a no-brainer, increased medical testing, increased sales of nutraceuticals, increased sales of blue light technology, and our optical.

MacuLogix is excellent in integration

MacuLogix was excellent in integration, not like most companies where they just sell and then after the sale you don’t actually get a lot of support. They come in a number of times to help us utilize it more, to help with training and help us fine-tune our process and verbiage even so so they’ve been a wonderful company to work with when it comes to implementation. But this point in time, after having the AdaptDx about six to nine months, I really can’t imagine practicing without it