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Expanding the Role of Your Technicians Using the AdaptDx Pro

Timothy Earley, OD
Julie Rodman, OD
Glenn Corbin, OD
Gary Kirman, OD
Paul Karpecki, OD

Your technicians and staff are the heartbeat of your eye care practice so ensuring they have the proper tools and knowledge is vital to success. The AdaptDx Pro® dark adaptometer is a breakthrough device with the power to amplify their opportunity for professional growth while helping to position your practice as an AMD Center of Excellence®.

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At Medina Vision Center we have an amazing technician in Stephanie who is our AMD Center of Excellence expert. She runs all of our current tabletop AdaptDx testing. I called her yesterday at lunch, after learning about the AdaptDx Pro and the amazing new technology, and I shared with Stephanie what I had learned and she, quite frankly, said to me, “I just wanted you to know, Dr. Tim, that I was online on MacuLogix.com and I’ve
already seen all the videos and I’m extremely excited!” So I know that something that from a technician’s standpoint is going to build a lot of excitement in our practice. I think that technicians are going to embrace this technology like crazy.

Elevating the role of your technician

It’s almost an assistant to the technician and the technician feels like their time can be better utilized. Now they actually can better utilize their time than sitting and coaching a patient through the tests. The techs won’t have to be repeating constantly throughout the test to encourage the patients. Theia will be doing that for them. So they will still be very busy doing many many more tests, however it will take the burden of sitting in a dark room with not much else to do other than to encourage the patient. So it will really free our staff up to do other activities while that test is being administered to that patient. It’s going to have a significant impact on the workload of my technicians and my staff. Instead of being designated to a dark room for half a day or even for, you know, a certain amount of time they can now do their job in other areas – have more of an impact, still monitor that patient by coming back at the end of the test and assuring that, but they now can be utilized to their full extent. The technicians, in general, will embrace this technology. I know I can speak from experience from my practice the reason we have an AMD Excellence expert in Stephanie is that we’ve wanted consistency in testing. So having the same person run those tests and deliver a consistent message with the testing and explain the test itself was important to us to get valid information.

Expanding your technician’s knowledge

The AdaptDx Pro is gonna allow us to have more technicians involved in that process. I think it’s gonna be nice to have Theia guide patients through those areas that Stephanie was being relied upon for, but allowing our other technicians the opportunity to expand their knowledge and be part of testing with AdaptDx Pro is gonna be great for our practice and better for patient flow.