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Finally an Answer: Receiving AMD Diagnosis After Years of Uncertainty

As Raja McMahon and her mother know very well, living in uncertainty about your eye health is very difficult. Raja’s mother took the AdaptDx® dark adaptation test and was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Fortunately, the diagnosis came before any irreversible vision loss occurred. 

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Working for MacuLogix – it became personal. My mom has had a history of documented drusen and five or six doctors later the only result that she could get and all the doctors could ever tell her was, “Well, I don’t know.” “Let’s just watch it. Let’s just see.” So she never really had any kind of answer and so that was always weighing on her.

Finally, an answer after so long

A doctor close to her brought her in and tested her on the AdaptDx and she has AMD. So after all these years of trying to figure out does she have it or does she not have it, all I could tell her is, “Mom, you have no idea how good news this is.” We’ve been able to get in front of this. There’s a lot of things about eye care that we don’t know but the number one thing is if you can’t diagnose a condition how are you going to treat it? I want to educate doctors on where they were worried and where they were stuck and where they didn’t have a solution and this piece of equipment is a solution for the number one leading cause of adult blindness. There hasn’t been a lot of change in eye care so this, to me, has been the biggest leap in eye care technology.

“Great news – you have AMD and we caught it early”

Being able to simply and easily tell your patients, “Good news, you don’t have a AMD but we’re gonna keep an eye on you” or “great news you do have an AMD but we caught it before there were any visual changes” to me is an impactful moment in a patient’s care. You know we couldn’t do this when I started working in this industry. It’s probably one of the biggest technology jumps that I’ve seen in the last decade.

AdaptDx makes doctors’ ability to diagnose patients much easier

When I tell doctors that the AdaptDx can [help] save sight, it’s for real. That’s exactly what the AdaptDx does. It makes the doctors ability to diagnose the patient that much easier and what it’s doing for patient care, I think in my belief, I think should revolutionize the way optometry is done around the world.