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From AdaptDx Tabletop Device to AdaptDx Pro Headset

Glenn Corbin, OD

Dr. Glenn Corbin of Wyomissing Optometric Center spent five and a half years using the AdaptDx® tabletop device to help identify and treat his AMD patients. Today he has upgraded to the breakthrough AdaptDx Pro® headset which he sees as a great asset to his practice.

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The AdaptDx Pro is really exciting new technology. I’ve had the privilege of having five and a half years experience with the original AdaptDx. It’s been a god-send to my practice to be able to diagnose AMD earlier and that, of course, allows us to follow our patients more closely, more frequently, and hopefully [help us with] the ability to make a diagnosis of wet AMD early on so they can be treated and prevent vision loss. The AdaptDx Pro will change the future of AMD care by allowing us to diagnose AMD earlier using what we know now to help patients slow down the process of AMD.

AdaptDx Pro and Theia in eye care

We may not have an answer now as far as treating dry AMD but we know we can help patients slow down the process through supplementation, smoking cessation, good nutrition, and by making an early diagnosis. Making a patient aware of the diagnosis – if they’re willing to comply with our recommendations – we can help slow down the process and certainly catch the earliest signs of subretinal bleeding prior to it causing severe vision loss. The AdaptDx Pro is going to allow us to see more patients more efficiently, use the use our staff for other tasks while patients are being tested, we’ll be able to test multiple patients, and we won’t be required to have a dark room. I think we’ll be doing the testing in almost any room that’s available in the practice. It doesn’t have to be any specific room because of the flexibility of the device. Being able to test more patients during the course of a day will help us achieve the goal of screening more people for AMD. I think Theia is going to be a great asset to patients because it allows the patients to be encouraged during the test-taking. Encouraging patients is a big part of success and test accuracy.

Upping your AMD care game

Any practice today that is really wanting to be up on their game, wanting to protect their patients, and to diagnose AMD early really need to have an AdaptDx Pro in order to do that.