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Kirman Eye: Becoming An AMD Center of Excellence

Kirman Eye is on the forefront of AMD management. Patients at the practice can attest to this and are thrilled with the practice’s dedication to early disease detection and preventive care. Kirman Eye is one of the first eye care practices to invest in AdaptDx® for early detection of AMD, as part of their AMD Center of Excellence® efforts. See the impact their dedicated care has had on their patients.

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Kenneth B. Allwine: My first family history of AMD was with my father. He suffered from this to the point that he was legally blind. His first experience, I guess, was when he was driving through the tunnels on the turnpike and he entered the tunnel and he could not see; his eyes didn’t adjust, and my mother literally had to take the wheel and drive him through. From that point on, Dr. Kirman worked with my father and he knew it ran in the family and he started working more closely with me.

Richard Flage: I first heard about AMD through Dr. Kirman. He is very thorough and during one of the eye examinations he said, “Why don’t we do some tests for AMD?”

Linda Grumbine: They noticed the problem and started me on the treatment. It worked simply because they caught it early. Thank God for the early detection because that’s what made it treatable.

Kenneth B. Allwine: He put me on a vitamin regime, watching the UV protection, eating correctly.

Richard Flage: If I can take a vitamin, to me, that is relatively simple. It’s inexpensive and they work. What more can you ask?

Kenneth B. Allwine: I personally believe because of the early diagnosis and my relationship with Dr. Kirman that he has prevented me from going down the same path that my father went.

Linda Grumbine: I would definitely recommend Dr. Kirman’s office because he is constantly learning, constantly trying new things.

Kenneth B. Allwine: Dr. Kirman’s telling me what to do has worked for me. I don’t think I’m going to have a problem down the road. I really don’t.