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Learn How Dark Adaptation Testing Is Changing AMD Detection

Paul Karpecki, OD

Dr. Paul Karpecki of Kentucky Eye Institute is confident that the future of AMD care will change with the help of the AdaptDx Pro® dark adaptometer. How can this breakthrough device elevate your eye care practice and patient care?

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My favorite thing about the AdaptDx Pro is that it’s going to bring fun back into practice. We don’t say that much of a condition like macular degeneration but it is. The minute a patient looks at this technology you can see their excitement and they’re awe. I mean this is so advanced in terms of how it looks but also in terms of how it functions and the way it [helps] picks up the disease [AMD] early. That excitement is contagious and I think patients are gonna love the experience. I think you’re gonna say, “This was so impressive that I can’t wait to tell my family and friends.” It connects with them right away – it knows when to say certain things to keep them going. It reassures them and it doesn’t miss any steps.

Plus it frees up the technician and allows me to use them to enter other data, see other patients, to work with me, so now that technician is able to initiate the process and tell the patient what to expect, sit them down, and really let the device take over on its own. So now we’re able to make this available (and it’s portable) anywhere. We don’t need the darkroom; we don’t need a lot of rooms. It sits on the patient’s head. It weighs less than a pound, I mean, phenomenal opportunity to use it in any capacity. The future of AMD care will change with AdaptDx Pro. I think it completely changes the way we look at how we’re gonna make diagnostic testing for the future and I think it’s starting here with dark adaptometry and macular degeneration.