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Meet Theia I Breakthrough Eye Care Technology

In this educational video, Theia™ introduces herself and expresses how excited she is to help eye care professionals accurately diagnose and manage AMD. Theia is our friendly on-board technician who guides your patients through each AdaptDx Pro® test. Powered by artificial intelligence, she delivers a consistent and comfortable experience, every time.

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Hello! My name is Theia and I’m the new on-board technician for the AdaptDx Pro. From what I’ve heard, the technician is absolutely vital to ensuring accurate test results that will help doctors diagnose age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with confidence. That’s why the MacuLogix team came up with me – Theia! I’ve been programmed to provide patients with a consistent and reliable test experience. I just need my human counterpart to tell me which eye to test and which protocol to perform and then I take it from there. I start by providing each patient with an overview of the testing procedure. Then, I guide them through the actual test and monitor their progress from start to finish. I can tell if they’re having trouble and will ask them to stay focused, blink, or open their eyes as needed. I also love positive reinforcement so I will let each patient know when they are doing a good job. I’m very excited to help doctors accurately diagnose and manage AMD with the AdaptDx Pro.