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My Mother has Macular Degeneration

Jeffrey Martin, OD
Bruce Lucas, OD

Two optometrists share their personal connection to age-related macular degeneration.

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Dr. Martin: My mom has macular degeneration. I would love to have the tools we have today, 15 years ago because when she first started having some night vision issues, at that time, our understanding of what created night vision issues was a lot different than it is today.

AdaptDx technology has changed how AMD is managedĀ 

Technology changes, our understanding changes and I would love to have had AdaptDx 15 years ago because when she started complaining about having problems with her night vision she also had some muttering, a degree of cataract, and it was very easy to write it off to that and undoubtedly she had some of both but because we couldn’t see structural change when her macular degeneration was starting because we didn’t have a tool like AdaptDx, you know, a validated, clinically relevant, and actually usable tool in clinical practice we had no idea it was coming and knowing what we know now that if we had had that information we could have been making changes that would have delayed and changed the course of her progression as she’s gone on with her macular degeneration.

Early detection and preventive treatment are key for macular degeneration

Dr. Lucas: Four years ago my mother passed away from end-stage COPD and the four days I spent with her in the hospital five times she told me, “When you go back you need to make me new glasses because I can’t see anymore.” and number one I couldn’t improve her vision and secondly, we knew she wasn’t getting out there but that’s how impactful macular degeneration is so if I can get those patients and the ones that we’re seeing and get them on in the proper, you know, nutraceuticals and, you know, follow them and be able to look at them and tell patients coming in after them, “Here’s what we’ve been able to do for patients that unfortunately suffer from macular degeneration. But we can preserve their vision.” That’s a huge win-win for me and for them and their families as well.