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Two Cases of Disappearing Drusen

Gary Kirman, OD

Dr. Gary Kirman describes his two historic cases of disappearing drusen in patients with AMD.


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Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Dr. Kirman from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

Disappearing drusen: Case 1

I’d like to share with you a very special case. In 2012, Ken started to develop perimacular fine drusen. I placed him on AREDS1 vitamin therapy at the time and the following year we changed him over to AREDS2. As you can see in these sequential photos, the drusen being somewhat dense in the first image, less dense in the second image, and completely going in the third image. It was a historic case in my office to see for the first time that actually drusen can disappear.

Disappearing drusen: Case 2

This patient without a doubt ten years ago would be clinically blind in both eyes. The left eye which you can see was developing intermediate AMD, after four years of AREDS2, her drusen our resolving. Disappearing drusen is something that is quite remarkable. We never knew that that could happen before. But with early intervention, AREDS2 type vitamin therapy, we do have opportunity to make a difference.