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Your AMD Patients Deserve This Level Of Care

Ryan Powell, OD

“You have the opportunity to get involved in preventing blindness caused by AMD,” says Ryan Powell, OD, as he presents a truly compelling case for why the AdaptDx® is a necessity in any eye care practice to help with the early detection and management of AMD.

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When we learned about the AdaptDx technology and its ability to identify macular degeneration earlier as a biomarker for macular degeneration, we knew that our patients deserve that level of care and it was a no-brainer.

MacuLogix is cutting-edge in AdaptDx device implementation

The MacuLogix team does a really good job of coming into your practice, sitting down with your team, giving them an education on what the device does and how it works, and really emphasizing the importance of this for your patients. And how we’re cutting-edge in what we’re doing. Then they work with us on how we’re going to integrate, how we’re gonna set up our facility to accommodate the testing, and then they leave. But they come back and check-in and make sure it’s going the way you needed to go. We bought a lot of equipment over the years – they have been one of, if not, the best in terms of really working carefully with us on the integration piece.

Your AMD patients deserve to have this level of care

So my colleagues asked me if they should purchase an AdaptDx and I think the answer is, “absolutely” and you have to understand why you’re purchasing an AdaptDx. You’re purchasing this because macular degeneration causes people to go blind and you have the opportunity as their eye care provider, specifically their primary eye care provider, to get involved in preventing that. My patients deserve to have this level of care and it’s just gravy, frankly, that it makes money and pays for itself.