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More than 1,000 eye care professionals worldwide have been using the AdaptDx® and AdaptDx Pro® to test for impaired dark adaptation, the earliest biomarker of age-related macular degeneration. Our customers tell the story of how they’re fighting against preventable blindness by identifying AMD at its earliest stages and closely monitoring its progression. 

The AdaptDx Pro is the latest piece of technology in our office, and it is a game-changer. Our patients are willing to add this test to their eye exam as a screening tool and to take the test regularly once we add it to their care regimen for AMD. As providers, we are always working to offer the best for our patients and the AdaptDx Pro is a key part of our testing protocol. It is well worth the investment.

2021-06-23-12-09-chilivisiongroup.com Pamela Brown, OD

My team and patients love the AdaptDx Pro! Dark adaptation testing has never been easier with this breakthrough device. I recently brought on two new staff members who learned to use the AdaptDx Pro within one week and are already administering the test to patients with ease. This has been a major win for my practice!

michaelraff Michael Raff, OD

I brought the AdaptDx into my practice in September 2018. Best. Decision. Ever. Detecting age-related macular degeneration at its earliest stage is the critical first step so I may intervene and get the best outcome for my patients. Things that we need to be homing in on to better prevent and treat both dry and wet AMD include hormones, oxidative stress, methylation, inflammation, nutrition, and genetics. My goal is to prevent vision loss from macular degeneration - BOTH dry and wet.

Scott Sedlacek Scott Sedlacek, OD

The AdaptDx Pro was implemented as the standard of care in comprehensive eye care and proves vital in testing and monitoring our patients. Theia (the on-board technician) performs patient tests while technicians are free to assist other patients. This technology is so vital to the care we provide that another unit had to be purchased to accommodate our increased volume.

Reich Shajida Reich, OD

When I purchased my OCT, I must admit there was a learning curve reading the scans. With the AdaptDx, there is only the Rod Intercept to evaluate, so it was extremely easy to interpret and therefore incorporate into my practice.

DonnaShotwell Donna Shotwell, OD

The AdaptDx Pro and Theia will change the future of AMD care because they make it easier for eye care professionals to test more patients and diagnose disease at an earlier stage.

ClaudioLagunas Claudio Lagunas, OD

The AdaptDx Pro is amazing for two primary reasons. One, the portability of it is phenomenal. The other piece that’s critical is that Theia, the onboard AI tech, provides the instructions for the test, so patients get consistent instructions every time.

RyanPowell Ryan Powell, OD

By being able to test more patients, we’ll ultimately uncover more macular degeneration. That’s good for patients. And I think we all need to realize that what’s good for our patients winds up being good for our practices.

Jeffry D. Gerson, OD, FAAO Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO

Screening for macular degeneration is important because as we know, once we lose sight in our macula and once it becomes affected, there’s no getting that back. So being proactive is a lot better than being reactive.

KaderDiskin Kader Diskin, Optometry Student

Primary eye care conquered glaucoma because they use technology that enabled them to accurately diagnose and monitor the disease.

Greg Jackson Gregory Jackson, PhD