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A growing number of clinicians rely on AdaptDx to detect age-related macular degeneration in their adult patients. Our customers tell the story of how they’re fighting against blindness caused by AMD.

My patients recognize our practice as an AMD Center of Excellence with a commitment to preventing blindness through early diagnosis and management. MacuLogix has given our doctors the tool to be leaders in early AMD diagnosis.

Glen Corbin, OD Glenn S. Corbin, OD

The primary goal of every optometrist is to preserve the vision of our patients. Detecting, monitoring and treating AMD are imperative to our mission. We can detect earlier than ever before and manage AMD by doing all we can to prevent progression to advanced stages and complications such as CNV.

Jeffry D. Gerson, OD, FAAO Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO

The customer service education training and support that I receive from MacuLogix is second to none of any of the other companies in our profession.

MichaelFishbaugh Michael Fishbaugh, OD

When I look at the future of managing macular degeneration, I see the AdaptDx as the essential tool in AMD management just as now I see the OCT as the essential tool in managing glaucoma in its earliest stages. By finding a disease early, and intervening appropriately we have the best chance of altering the course.

Thomas Henderson Thomas Henderson, MD

There is a “Tidal Wave” of effects that accompany legal blindness from AMD- depression, loss of independence, inability to maintain your home, inability to drive or read, inability to work, social isolation, disinterest in previous hobbies, etc. The AdaptDx helps doctors give their patients guidance on how to lower the risk of blindness from AMD and to maintain a better quality of life.

Gary Kirman, OD Gary Kirman, OD

After five years of using the AdaptDx to identify AMD at its earliest stage and then placing patients on a treatment regimen involving modifiable risk factors, I have documented many patients having improved Rod Intercept times (improved dark adaptation) and maintaining their visual acuity.

Gary Kirman, OD Gary Kirman, OD

I feel that the AdaptDx instrument from MacuLogix is the most significant diagnostic breakthrough in my career! We finally have an instrument that helps us diagnose AMD before vision loss occurs!

Gary Kirman, OD Gary Kirman, OD

I have made performing an AdaptDx test on all my patients that are over the age of 60 years old my standard of care. I have found that about 40% fail the rapid test, even when the macula looks perfect clinically. This has helped me to be able to begin proactive measures with patients that previously would have been overlooked until there was more advanced disease.

Jeffry D. Gerson, OD, FAAO Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO

Prior to having the AdaptDx, I struggled with patients having complaints of night vision issues. Providing a recheck of their refractive findings and another look at their retina always came up negative. I knew this patient was providing me a legitimate complaint, but I could provide no clinical basis for this complaint. Now we test these patients using the AdaptDx and in minutes discover if their complaint is due to subclinical AMD. This allows me to not only diagnose their complaint, but the patient is also able to start treatment even earlier with supplementation and making lifestyle changes.

ChuckAldridge Chuck Aldridge, OD

The AdaptDx is the kind of optometric instrument that once implemented in your practice makes you think how you did so without it all this time. The ability to find AMD years before seeing changes in the retina by photography or OCT makes it a medical necessity for my practice and patients. Once I learned about it, I could no longer neglect that segment of my practice and had to have it! It is easy to use, profitable, and the right thing to do for my patients. And our patients deserve the best!

ClaudioLagunas Claudio Lagunas, OD