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A growing number of clinicians rely on AdaptDx to detect age-related macular degeneration in their adult patients. Our customers tell the story of how they’re fighting against blindness caused by AMD.

I am excited that my practice can now work toward the goal of eliminating vision loss from macular degeneration by proactively identifying this disease early and providing earlier intervention for our patients. Our AdaptDx sits next to our visual field and OCT. Our practice is now prepared to identify and manage macular degeneration the same way we do glaucoma.

RyanPowell Ryan Powell, OD

After learning the specifics about pre-clinical macular degeneration and the opportunity I have to identify this devastating disease in my patients much earlier than ever before, it was a no-brainer that all my patients with risk factors or over the age of 50 must have the AdaptDx test done.

RyanPowell Ryan Powell, OD

The research behind the AdaptDx is solid. Its specificity and sensitivity are better than a visual field for glaucoma. And macular degeneration is 3 times more prevalent then glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy combined. So why would I not use the AdaptDx test on everybody over the age of 50? Oh, and did I mention it catches subclinical AMD before you can see drusen or mottling in the eye itself?

RyanLeBreton_OD Ryan LeBreton, OD

The MacuLogix AdaptDx performs a robust and reliable test of central retinal dysfunction and establishes a proven early biomarker for age-related macular degeneration. The elegance of the instrument lies in its simplicity: an easy procedure for the patient, a short test duration, and an unambiguous data output for the clinician.

LarryBaitch Larry Baitch, OD

The customer service education training and support that I receive from MacuLogix is second to none of any of the other companies in our profession.

MichaelFishbaugh Michael Fishbaugh, OD

The AdaptDx has been a wonderful addition to our practice. Not only does it allow us to help detect macular degeneration at its earliest subclinical state but also then allows us to help educate patients with lifestyle changes helping to prolong the disease process and improve quality of living. It has been a wonderful practice builder by setting us apart as a very high-quality eye care facility providing better patient confidence in the care that they are being provided.

MichaelFishbaugh Michael Fishbaugh, OD

Prior to having the AdaptDx, I struggled with patients having complaints of night vision issues. Providing a recheck of their refractive findings and another look at their retina always came up negative. I knew this patient was providing me a legitimate complaint, but I could provide no clinical basis for this complaint. Now we test these patients using the AdaptDx and in minutes discover if their complaint is due to subclinical AMD. This allows me to not only diagnose their complaint, but the patient is also able to start treatment even earlier with supplementation and making lifestyle changes.

ChuckAldridge Chuck Aldridge, OD

The AdaptDx is the kind of optometric instrument that once implemented in your practice makes you think how you did so without it all this time. The ability to find AMD years before seeing changes in the retina by photography or OCT makes it a medical necessity for my practice and patients. Once I learned about it, I could no longer neglect that segment of my practice and had to have it! It is easy to use, profitable, and the right thing to do for my patients. And our patients deserve the best!

ClaudioLagunas Claudio Lagunas, OD

The MacuLogix AdaptDx dark adaptometer is the first device of its kind that will provide me with a quantifiable result that can be monitored over time. It allows me to track the function of a patient’s macular rod photoreceptors, which is a very specific biomarker for AMD. In my opinion, this device is a game-changer in any practice committed to preserving sight. Having the ability to diagnose AMD in patients with symptoms but little to no clinical signs has taken my confidence to the next level.

TimothyEarley (2) Timothy Earley, OD

Outside of the lane, there are four essential diagnostic tests that I couldn’t practice without: OCT, fundus camera, visual field, and the AdaptDx.

Glen Corbin, OD Glenn S. Corbin, OD