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More than 1,000 eye care professionals worldwide have been using the AdaptDx® and AdaptDx Pro® to test for impaired dark adaptation, the earliest biomarker of age-related macular degeneration. Our customers tell the story of how they’re fighting against preventable blindness by identifying AMD at its earliest stages and closely monitoring its progression. 

I started using my AdaptDx this past July (2017), and it has already completely changed my approach to AMD for the better. In terms of both helping to detect undiagnosed AMD and confirming patients with early AMD, I can say with confidence that it's helping preserve future vision for my patients.

Mogyordy Pete Mogyordy, OD

The primary goal of every optometrist is to maximize and preserve the vision of their patients. The AdaptDx is the best device available for the earliest detection of reduced dark adaptation of the retina, usually secondary to AMD. Early detection gives my patients the best chance for long-term retention of their vision, thereby achieving their vision goals and my practice goals.

Brain Mathie Brian E Mathie, OD, FAAO

When we started using the AdaptDx, we weren’t sure how the technology was going to be received. But we found that using it in the office has made us better clinicians and has helped improve the quality of life for our patients. I honestly can’t see myself practicing without the AdaptDx at this point.

Tony Jacob Tony Jacob, OD

Since incorporating AdaptDx in our office, we can tell patients that – even though they have a family history or are concerned about the disease – we have a device that can help detect it before it is too late. Diagnosing AMD at the subclinical level allows us to put in place a plan of action for treatment. Having this plan brings comfort to not only myself but also the patients, so they can walk out my practice doors with a newfound confidence in their future.

imageedit_2_5947200268 Kent Godfrey, OD

Starting therapy early may have huge benefits when we project forward another 10 or 20 years. I believe this device is helping me save vision for many people.

Jacob Olding, OD Jacob Olding, OD

AdaptDx has really helped me care for my patients. It has helped me find macular degeneration a lot earlier and be able to proactively treat my patients.

Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAO Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAO

In the first few months of using the AdaptDx, we've more than doubled our nutraceutical sales and have seen a sizable increase in optical sales associated with UV and blue light blocking protection.

R. Aaron Werner Aaron Werner, OD

The marketing package MacuLogix provides to their customers is the best I have seen with any equipment company!

dr-christa-1-300x4002 Christa Walling, OD

AdaptDx may help you find macular degeneration at least three years before you actually see any clinical signs. Do you want to wait to diagnose glaucoma until someone has a vision-threatening visual field loss? No, you don’t. And we should be thinking the same way about AMD. Let’s find it in its earliest stage so that we can do something about it and try to prevent the bad outcomes.

Jeffry Gerson Headshot Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO

The MacuLogix team provides device installation, education, and support that is far superior to any other device I’ve implemented in my practice.
By discussing and identifying your personal practice workflow, your MacuLogix Practice Management Consultant helps you easily integrate dark adaptation testing into your daily schedule. This sets the foundation for making AMD part of every conversation with your patients over 50 years old.

AmandaLegge_OD Amanda Legge, OD