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Blog: September 10, 2019

Do You Know Your ABCs…of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)?

Our Senior VP of Global Sales, Armond Dantino narrates his grandmother’s battle with AMD. He drives home the point that patients need to recognize early signs of AMD and be proactive in order to mitigate the consequences of this progressive eye disease.

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Blog: August 9, 2019

Have Your Cheese and Eat it Too

Dr. Amanda Lee dishes on 5 ways to embrace change and enjoy less stress and more success.

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Blog: July 11, 2019

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

Being passionate and wanting to provide your patients with the best possible care is the key to success, the financial benefit is just a bonus, according to our Director of Practice Management, Jennifer DelPrete.

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Blog: May 14, 2019

Hey Doc, Why Am I Having Problems Seeing at Night?

“When you think about night vision, think of AMD.” By Timothy Earley, OD.

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Blog: May 14, 2019

Guard Your Practice’s Online Reputation

Guard your practice’s online reputation with these simple and practical actions. By Dave Miller.

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Blog: March 25, 2019

Rediscovering the Retina

Five key takeaways from revisiting the anatomy and physiology of the retina. By Anne-Marie Lahr, OD.

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Blog: February 28, 2019

Standing Out in the Crowd

The value we bring to eye care professionals’ practices is what makes us truly stand out in the crowd. By Armond Dantino.

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Blog: January 11, 2019

Shaking Up the Rhythm

Establishing your eye care practice as an AMD Center of Excellence. By Pamela Lowe, OD, FAAO.

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Blog: December 19, 2018

5 Tips for Creating a Simple Public Relations Strategy

Boost your local image to attract new patients to your eye care practice. By Dave Miller.

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Blog: November 7, 2018

Tackling the Quadruple Aim in Eye Care

The balancing act between your practice and patient when it comes to costs and outcomes. By Kortnee Virus, MBA

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Blog: October 15, 2018

Living “La Dolce Vita”

How preventive care is changing the European landscape when tackling AMD. By Armond Dantino

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Blog: September 20, 2018

The MacuLogix Magnet

All about the launch of the MacuLogix online AMD Academy. By Leah Jones

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