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What are The AMD Experts thinking about? Read our blog to find out…

Our Blog: August 1, 2021

5 Tips for Recommending Smoking Cessation Programs

Dr. Timothy Earley shares tips on how to talk to patients about smoking cessation, the biggest modifiable risk factor for AMD, and how to motivate them to quit.

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Our Blog: July 15, 2021

If Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is Making a Difference

Dr. Lou shares how he needed to rethink AMD, and is proud to report that this allowed him to make a marked difference in disease management.

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Our Blog: June 6, 2021

5 Things I’ve Learned About Dark Adaptation Testing in My First Year

Integrating new technology into your practice can be a challenge, but Theia is here to share some secrets that can lead to success.

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Our Blog: May 3, 2021

The Secret to Successful AMD Programs: 4 Steps for Standardization

Getting to know your practice and what drives you to take great care of your patients, especially when it comes to AMD, is crucial. Christine Akers, Practice Management Consultant at MacuLogix, gives 4 steps for standardization for a successful AMD Program.

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Our Blog: April 6, 2021

Finding AMD: Age, Approach, & Execution

Dr. Frances Bynum and her team are focused on making early AMD detection the standard, not the exception. That begins by demonstrating the importance of dark adaptation testing and having educational conversations with their patients.

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Our Blog: March 3, 2021

Get Your Staff in the Game: 3 Tips to Increase Testing

Find out what three of your colleagues did to get their team on board to make the most of dark adaptation technology in their practices.

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Our Blog: February 4, 2021

Two Birds, One Stone

Testing dark adaptation speed for every patient over 50 allows eye care professionals prioritize both patients and practice. By Tammy Tully, OD.

one stone - two birds
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Our Blog: September 24, 2020

Meet My Best Friend, Theia

Theia helps eye care professionals like Mary Miller, CPOT, take care of her patients – which is her favorite part as a technician at Kirman Eye.

AdaptDx Pro age-related macular degeneration testing machine
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Our Blog: July 27, 2020

How Far We’ve Come! Advances in AMD Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management

Dr. Timothy Earley discusses how as fellow eyecare colleagues become knowledgeable about the incredible new technologies available to them, the risks of blindness caused by AMD can be considerably reduced.

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Our Blog: June 3, 2020

Managing AMD Safely Using Pandemic Protocols

Advance your practice as an AMD Center of Excellence while prioritizing health and safety for both patients and staff using these recommendations from Laura Walter, Director of Customer Success at MacuLogix.

mask graphic - wear masks at Maculogix AMD experts
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