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Early Diagnosis Creates Opportunity for Change

“It may seem like common sense to most that living a healthy lifestyle is conducive to higher quality of life but, as eye care professionals, we know that not everyone makes the connection when it comes to their eyes. As a result, I’ve made it best practice to counsel my AMD patients about everyday choices that can slow the progression of their condition, such as smoking cessation, nutritional supplementation, systemic disease management, diet, exercise, and retinal light protection.

Identifying and regularly monitoring these patients with AdaptDx® has opened my eyes to the positive impact these seemingly simple adjustments can have and the role they might play in preserving my patients’ vision.” – Dr. Oliver Lou

Patient Story

JG, a 71-year-old white female smoker, reports yearly for her routine eye exam. She is very cognizant of the importance of regular exams, as her husband has several ocular conditions that require monitoring. In October 2018, JG had no vision complaints, but reported she was experiencing trouble seeing at night.

Closer Look

We ordered an AdaptDx Rapid Test, which she failed (OD RI>6.5). I ran an OCT and her macula was free of discernible drusen, but appeared to be thinned OD and OS. The impaired dark adaptation in conjunction with her OCT led me to diagnose her with subclinical age-related macular degeneration.

Plan of Action

We performed a baseline AdaptDx Extended Test two weeks later and JG’s RI was 10.58 (OD), confirming my diagnosis. I explained the role dark adaptation testing plays in the diagnosis and monitoring of AMD and we discussed her findings. We talked about the importance of consuming foods and vitamins containing Omega 3 fatty-acids and I advised her about the dangerous role smoking plays in the development of AMD.

Knowing that her vision was as risk, JG was compliant with our diet, health supplement, and smoking cessation recommendations. When she returned to our office six months later, we were elated to see that her RI™ had decreased by 1.9 minutes to 8.68 OD – a 16% improvement in her RI. With an early diagnosis and counseling, JG was empowered to improve her lifestyle and overall health to preserve her vision for as long as possible.

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