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We're on a Mission

Prevalence of AMD

Our Vision

While our mission is to revolutionize vision care, our vision is much bolder: to eliminate blindness caused by age-related macular degeneration (AMD). We believe this vision is well within reach due to the incredible strides taking place in the eye healthcare industry and the emphasis being placed on early AMD detection.

How does a company best achieve its mission and vision goals? Through staying true to its team values! Here at MacuLogix, we have 6 simple values that are kept in mind for every journey we embark on:

1. The Customer is Priority #1
2. Operate with Integrity 
3. Be Brave and Ask the Tough Questions
4. Value Each Individual; Empower the Team
5. Be Agile and Proactive
6. Have Fun and Laugh Often 

Why do our mission, vision, and values work so well? Because of our talented team who live out these objectives daily!

Over the past 25 years, advancing technology has allowed eye care professionals to save the sight of millions of patients with glaucoma. Let us partner with you so we can do the same thing for AMD.

WilliamMcPhee-headshot-crop Bill McPhee, President & CEO of MacuLogix

Put Our Expertise to Work

Testing with AdaptDx Pro

AdaptDx Pro® identifies impaired dark adaptation—the earliest biomarker of AMD.

Implementation Expertise

Each AdaptDx Pro purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program® to help you achieve your patient care and practice revenue goals.