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Dr. Lagunas headshot

Commitment to Comprehensive AMD Care

After participating in the AMD Excellence Program® by MacuLogix®, Dr. Claudio Lagunas of Lifetime Eyecare Associates in The Woodlands, TX, shares that it’s easier than ever live up to his ethical responsibility as an eye care provider.

Dr. Kojima headshot

Why and How I Test Dark Adaptation Speed for Every Qualified Patient Over 50

Dr. Wally Kojima of Wally Kojima OD & Associates in Kailua-Kona, HI, sees a mature patient population as retirees flock to the islands. Dark adaptation testing with the AdaptDx Pro® has helped Dr. Kojima and staff detect AMD in about one-third of his patients – disease that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Read how the practice model that Dr. Kojima calls “nothing earth-shattering” is elevating his standard of care.

Dr. Bynum headshot

Small Town Practice, Big City Care

As an optometrist in a rural area, Dr. Francis Bynum of Northwest Tennessee Eye Clinic in Martin, TN, takes care of many patients who will never see another eye care professional in their lifetime — her practice is one of the few options for miles around so offering quality care is critical. See how the AdaptDx Pro is helping change the game for her practice and patients.

Eye care tech

Getting Staff on Board: Preparing Your Practice for Optimum Implementation

It’s not enough for doctors to believe in what new technology can do for patients. To ensure your investments pay off and are utilized, staff must be willing to embrace them too. Learn how three optometrists prepared their practices to make the most of the AdaptDx Pro dark adaptometer headset to combat AMD.

Dr. Tully headshot

How I Protect My Patients and Build My Business With Dark Adaptation Testing

With the help of the AdaptDx Pro dark adaptometer, Dr. Tammy Tully of Seaside Eye Associates in Myrtle Beach, SC, is able to achieve both improved patient care and increased practice revenue.

Dr. Kirman headshot

Changing the Standard of AMD Care: More than a one-device job

Dr. Gary Kirman of Kirman Eye Care in Hummelstown, PA, explains how his mission to change the standard of AMD care for his patients propelled him to acquire 3 AdaptDx Pro devices. The increased possibilities for dark adaptation testing with multiple devices led to a cultural shift within the practice, allowing every staff member to join the fight against AMD.

Dr. Jordan headshot

Increasing Revenue with Dark Adaptation

Like many other optometrists, Dr. Jordan of Rinkov Eye Centers in Westerville, OH, transitioned to a medical practice model in order to preserve revenue for his clinic. By adopting AdaptDx technology to help him diagnose and manage AMD, Dr. Jordan and his colleagues were able to increase practice revenue by $196,177 in less than a year.

Dr. Krivacic headshot

Successful Integration of Dark Adaptation Testing

Dr. Krivacic of Las Colinas Vision Center in Irving, TX, explains how practice staff were able to improve patient care and increase practice revenue by working with Practice Management Consultants from MacuLogix. Consistent utilization of a Risk and Symptom Assessment Form with patients allowed easier workflow integration of their AdaptDx device, differentiating their practice as an AMD Center of Excellence®.

Hear What Patients Have To Say

A Test Many Patients Want To Take

Many patients are comfortable with dark adaptation testing when optometrists suggest it as part of their strategy for detecting subclinical AMD.

Many Patients Want to Know

One of the toughest parts of being an eye care professional is telling patients they have a chronic progressive disease. Luckily, many patients appreciate early AMD detection and quality care.

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