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Successful Integration of Dark Adaptation Testing

“About a year ago, our practice pulled the trigger on the purchase of an AdaptDx®. We were very excited at the prospect of identifying AMD patients earlier than ever before and we wanted to enhance the value of our practice for our patients.” – Dr. Krivacic

Practice Challenge

Just as we face with most new equipment, the initial implementation of the AdaptDx was a bit daunting. To figure out the best course of action, we had to play with a couple different models. Timing the dark adaptation testing into the workflow took some trial and error.


As we were developing our own internal strategies to overcome these challenges, one of my employees reminded me that MacuLogix offers implementation support. So, we reached out to our MacuLogix Practice Management Consultant to ask for help. She reviewed our utilization numbers and suggested we take a step back to educate the entire team and make sure everyone understood the benefits of testing and how critical it was to treat patients as early as possible. She recommended asking every patient over 50 to fill out a risk and symptom assessment form provided by MacuLogix. This would make it easier and more efficient to identify potential candidates for testing.


Once the staff realized the potential impact of adopting the technology, we consistently had patients complete the risk and symptom questionnaire. What a difference those small tweaks made! We’ve steadily increased the number of patients we are testing and are confident this growth trend will continue so we can maximize our return on investment and identify more subclinical AMD.

Another upside to using the AdaptDx is that we sell a vitamin supplement in our office both as a prophylactic and for treatment of AMD, which we price at $75 for a 90-tablet bottle. Not surprisingly, the sale of these has increased with the utilization of the AdaptDx.

Successfully integrating AdaptDx testing into our workflow has allowed us to diagnose the condition earlier while capitalizing from the technology. It separates our practice from others and shows we are on the leading edge of diagnosing AMD earlier than traditional retinal testing.

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