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A Test Patients Want To Take

Being a primary eye care provider is a critical role for optometrists. As such, patients depend on them to diagnose, treat, and monitor chronic, progressive diseases like AMD. Patients are comfortable with dark adaptation testing when optometrists suggest it as part of their strategy for detecting subclinical AMD. It’s refreshing to know that, not only are patients open to this being tested using the AdaptDx®, they also recommend it to others as part of a complete evaluation for AMD.

Alice F

I went to see my optometrist because I was having trouble driving at night. The lights and glare were making it difficult to go anywhere after dark. My doctor recommended that I take a test for age-related macular degeneration, using a new technology called the AdaptDx. The test was easy to complete and it didn’t take long. I was lucky and passed the test with flying colors. While I don’t have AMD at this time, it was comforting to know.

Because of my family history, I know more about this disease than some, so I’ve been telling everyone about the AdaptDx test and encouraging them to get tested too.

Jeanne P

Taking the AdaptDx test was painless. The trickiest part for me was staying still, but I was able to do it. The directions were easy to follow. All I had to do was push a clicker when I would see a certain light. I’ve been taking supplements and vitamins since I got diagnosed. I also look at my Amsler grid every morning to make sure the lines aren’t changing. I’ve cut down on my food portions and I try to make good choices because drusen is caused from a buildup of cholesterol and cholesterol problems run in my family. I’ve definitely cut back on eating red meat and I’ve incorporated more vegetarian dishes, fish, and chicken into my diet.

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