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Impaired Dark Adaptation: Earliest Sign of AMD

What is Dark Adaptation?

AMD dark adaptation night vision

Dark adaptation is the ability of your eyes to adjust from seeing in the light to seeing in the dark. Think of going from bright sunlight into a darkened movie theater. How long does it take your eyes to adjust? That is dark adaptation.

Research shows that dark adaptation weakens at the earliest stages of AMD. This is why you might experience troubles seeing at night, reading in dim light, or adjusting to seeing in the dark. As the disease progresses, night vision difficulties increase.

The first AMD symptom I noticed was problems reading in a dim room. When the light was bright, I had no issues. But when the light was dimmed, I just could not make out that small print.

Screenshot (121) Geraldine A., AMD Patient

Breakthrough in Dark Adaptation Testing

By testing night vision with a new tool, called AdaptDx Pro™, you doctor can identify AMD much earlier than with any other test.

Find an AdaptDx Provider

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